The need for a fresh definition of “faith”

How does “faith” sound to you? What do you associate the word “faith” with?

I was talking with some friends about the connotations of “faith.” 


“Having to give yourself to something?”

“Blind faith”

“Controlling people”

“This is the only way”

In the history of humanity, faith was misused. That’s why many people are cautious about “faith” especially in relation to religious organisations.

My Buddhist mentor says “If religion were to reject having doubts, it would be rejecting the inherent freedom of the human spirit [to question and think critically].

Such a religion would become alienated from society and run the risk of becoming dogmatic and fanatical.”

Doubting and seeking answers is important. Through questioning, we can actually develop our ability to “trust” something.

I think we need a fresh definition of “faith” in this contemporary time. 

I will attempt to define “faith” here – the willingness to trust ourselves, others and the unfolding process (the universe).

What is your thought?