Do you get tired easily?

When we are down or keep thinking about our problems, it exhausts our energy and we get tired easily.

The following points are something that you can do immediately for relieving chronic fatigue:

1. Reducing stimulation

Sound, light, being cold or hot, etc. can be a source of fatigue. Using earphones, sunglasses, taking a cardigan may be helpful.

2. Creating “no thinking time” about problem

When ruminating thinking becomes a habit, it only reinforces a negative pathway in your brain. It exhausts your energy.

By creating time for putting negative thoughts on hold, you can create a new positive pathway in your brain.

How? Just tell yourself “Now is not the time to think” and move on by doing something else lol

3. Reducing decision making

Making decisions on what to eat, what to wear, what to buy etc is actually tiring. It’s useful to prepare a list of things you need or what you always buy or wear.

I heard Steve Jobs decided what to wear in advance so he didn’t waste his energy in the morning.

4. Taking a break when tired

Give yourself a permission to take a break when needed.

Don’t feel guilty for having rest! You can’t relax if you feel guilty no matter how much you rest.

5. Having lots of sleep

Sleep is the best medicine when we get tired.

Start slowing down two hours before bed and mentally prepare yourself for bed. Avoid anything stimulating (e.g. watching horror or action movie etc).

Making a routine (e.g. shower at 9:30pm, bed by 10:30pm, reading for 30 minutes) may be helpful. Avoid looking at the phone before bed.

6. Writing down priority for your daily schedule

When we are down, we have less productive time and that’s OK. It’s helpful to clarify your priority and write it down first. This could increase effectiveness in your daily life.

7. Doing exercise when you feel better

Try small things. If you set the bar too high, that will give you pressure. Exercise can be as small as walking around the block.

Start with something easy that you can do effortlessly, and gradually try to do more only if you feel like it.

My way is keep doing easy things until it becomes a habit. (Or sometimes until I get lazy and forgot exercise, and restart easy exercise 🙂

8. Learning to relax

Chronic fatigue is often caused by our chronic tension. Our life is so busy and it feels like we are on the go 365 days. As a result, our brain has forgotten how to relax!

Try the following exercise “progressive muscle relaxation.” It helps your body to learn how to relax 🙂 We need to mindfully remember what it feels like to be relaxed. 


I hope the above tips help!