I am a psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Buddhist. I immigrated to Aotearoa, New Zealand by myself in 2002. While I was outspoken and cheerful in Japan, I struggled with my reduced sense of self and emotional pain of not being able to fit in. My difference made me feel alienated and incompetent. I despised my difference. The turning point was my psychotherapy training alongside my Buddhist practice. Both practices helped me to accept my difference as my uniqueness. Deep acceptance of who I really was emerged through grief that I had undeniable limitations in this country. At the moment of full acceptance of myself, my deepest grief turned into deepest love of my life and that of others. As I started showing up as I am, more and more people also started breaking out of their shell and living true to themselves. It’s moving to see a joyful ripple effect around me. Inspired by my own transformation, it is my passion to promote a way of living that brings our unique flower into full blossom and spread joy of life together.