Feeling on the edge all the time?

If you feel on the edge all the time and can’t rest, this article is for you.

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High-functioning depression (often called dysthymia) is not common, not because it doesn’t exist, but because we often don’t see it.

People struggling with this problem are usually hardworking, high-functioning people who, from the outside, appear fine. They carry on with their daily activities as smoothly as possible – going to school, work, the mall, the club, but on the inside, they’re falling apart.

Many people dealing with this problem don’t usually think they need to seek treatment. They assume they are just going through a phase which will soon blow over.

In some ways, it could be considered more serious because of how well masked the symptoms are from those on the outside.  It can be difficult to battle while acting like everything is fine – It’s draining, exhausting, and can eventually lead to a major breakdown.

Below are 12 examples people suffering from this form of depression usually have to deal with:

1. They are always right at the edge

2. It takes every ounce of strength to push forward

3. They worry too much

4. They deal with insomnia

5. They try really hard to project the ‘perfectly-fine attitude’

6. They are in a constant battle with themselves

7. No can get really cranky at times

8. They have their own means of easing the stress

9. Asking for help is too difficult

10. They lose a lot of energy every day

11. It’s easier to support others than to support themselves

12. It takes everything in them to strive forward

If these descriptions sound like you, the practice of self-compassion can help you have a more balanced life.

Because you are capable, it is easy for you to just keep going suppressing your need and true feelings.

Depression is a sign from deeper part of you that you have been ignoring your true feelings.

In a nut shell, the practice of self-compassion is to be true to yourself. Develop an accepting presence towards all of yourself. Find your emotional truth and speak it.

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