My Youtube & Podcast are now on!

I’ve started youtube and podcast at last!

Both in English and Japanese.

The essential message is the same, but there is a difference as Westerners and Japanese are interested in different things.

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, but I wasn’t confident of my Jenglish (English + Japanese = Jenglish!)

I wish I can speak more spontaneously in the video…. I don’t sound natural at all.

I took video of my talk twice before this. To be honest I was not happy with this one, either.

But I came to realise that if I waited until I feel confident and happy enough, I would be dead by then! 

I’ve decided to start it now, being true to my deepest heart that I’d like to create a world where each one of us matters and enjoys ourselves and each other for being who we really are.



You can listen from Castbox. Please go to castbox website or download castbox app, and search my name. 

My podcast title is Psychology, Buddhism & Fulfilling Life


Both youtube and podcast are the same content. 

I share what I’ve learned through my practice of psychotherapy and Buddhism. 

This time I talked about why it’s so important to be true to yourself.

Both psychotherapy and Buddhism have taught me that the most important thing for achieving fundamental happiness is “being true to yourself.”

You being yourself is the most powerful and most beautiful thing in life.

It is my wish that these online things will inspire you to explore what it means to be “you” and to live true to yourself.