Counselling testimonials

I started therapy around March 2019, after a traumatic break-up which was the nadir of a sequence of similar events. Over the proceeding 9 months of therapy with Seiko, I was able not only to heal from the acute event but also to address its root. I experienced what can only be described as a transformation under Seiko’s deeply empathetic treatment, reconciling with myself and finally sloughing off the behaviours and beliefs that had troubled me since my early teens. Seiko guided me with subtlety and enormous care toward my psychological rebirth, and I consider the process as one of the most important things I have done in my life.

(B.B. Female 20’s)


Seiko taught me simple steps. When I feel upset and struggle to articulate my feeling, I do three things: Ask myself what’s happening internally, let it out, and accept it with my heart.

When I accept my feeling, my deeper feeling begins to emerge often together with tears.

All I do is speak to myself “I understand it’s so painful” and stay with my vulnerable self. After a while, I have another feeling gradually and spontaneously arising, which expresses what I really wanted to do.

Once I realise my honest wish, I am able to take action based on that. I trust myself when my action is aligned with my deepest intention. I can also speak my truth. I feel clear and validated deep inside me even though nothing changes outside.

(S. K. Female 30’s)


Hello Seiko. I’m in South Island for holiday right now. I went to Mt. Cook, and it was stunning – I really enjoyed beautiful weather and scenery.

(This is the photo she sent to me)

I couldn’t feel any joy in my life a few months ago, and I was thinking about quitting everything and just going back to my country.

But here I am, I am so glad to be able to enjoy my life again. I can’t believe it. Over the five months of therapy with Seiko, I can enjoy my life again through deepening my self-reflection and practicing what you’ve taught me. The period of five months was fulfilling and meaningful to me. I’ve discovered so much of myself, which I’ve never been aware of.

I particularly appreciate that I couldn’t get angry and express myself before, but I’ve become gradually able to express my true feelings as they are. As I learned to feel and speak my true feelings, I’ve felt lighter.

My life in New Zealand has been challenging, and yet it has given me an opportunity to meet my true self and learn a lot about myself and life.

I will continue bringing compassion to myself.
I am so grateful for your support. I’ve become stronger inside. I can now live my life with some sense of hope once again.

(M.I. Female 20’s)

The best thing that I’ve experienced through counselling with Seiko is that I’ve finally got with my heart what it’s like to be empathetic of myself.

I’ve become able to notice and accept every feeling I have such as feeling of being upset, anxious, struggling. I now say to myself “Of course you feel this way, I understand.”

Since I’ve really felt my feelings that have been left behind in my childhood, I feel like my innocent inner child has begun to show up.

I had a tendency to despise others’ feelings, but I now regard them as an opportunity for me to recognise and allow my feelings that have been discarded.

I’ve noticed that as I’ve become more able to invite my feelings with compassion, I’ve become more accepting of not only myself but also other people. Of course I still have a moment when get frustrated with others. But I can now reflect on my feelings later, which allow me to imagine what the other person might be feeling then. It’s a really nice feeling that I accept both myself and others.

For me, this learning has been very fascinating! I now even think that all my painful struggles until now are there for me to experience this process.

If I didn’t have any challenges since I was born, I couldn’t have had the joy of learning through my own life.

I’d like to continue enjoying this process of expanding my emotional capacity. A process of learning how to deal with ourselves will never end as long as I live.

Thank you Seiko for watching over me in this process and challenging me at times. I’ve had a life-changing experience.

(S.K. Female 20’s)


I would highly recommend this experience. Seiko was truly professional, caring, warm, and supportive, throughout the whole session. I had my doubts if I would experience any past life images or feelings, but what I found was that this was not the case- I become totally engaged in my experience, and some of the felt senses that emerged were powerful beyond what I expected. Overall, this was a deeply enlightening and healing process. I feel because of this I have been able to integrate some of my un-integrated emotions from childhood or from past life into my experience now.

(V.B. Female 30’s)