Half-Day Workshop: The Power of Self-Awareness

The present moment is the place where boundless possibilities of reality exist.

We are capable of influencing which possibility comes into being through the act of choice.

But all too often when we are upset or overwhelmed, we get caught up with reacting and rehearsing what is happening externally in our head.

As a result our negativity grows stronger and we get locked in the negativity.

When our negativity rules, we pay a high price. It reinforces our stress and anxiety. We move further away from our sense of being authentic and positive.


In the workshop you will learn how to break free from reactive impulses of negativity.

In addition to the theoretical understanding, you will do practical work to cultivate your self-awareness around your emotional difficulties.


This workshop is beneficial for people who:

  • Struggle with your emotions (stress, anxiety, unworthiness, emotional swing, anger, etc)
  • Have no background knowledge in psychology but are interested in psychotherapeutic approach to your inner life
  • Are interested in the six-month intensive programme
  • Want to resolve your current issues
  • Want to be able to speak your truths


In the workshop you will:

  • Learn the power of self-awareness from neuroscientic perspective – we can rewire our brain through mindfulness practice
  • Do mindfulness exercises to cultivate self-awareness and self-acceptance
  • Learn causes of emotional pains and how to resolve them
  • Explore your thinking patterns and assumptions that keep you stuck
  • Learn how to break free from reactivity and find different ways of responding to your life circumstances





Date and Time



Highbury House

110 Hinemoa Street, Birkenhead

Auckland, New Zealand



For booking and further information, please email me seikotherapies@gmail.com


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