Psychology, Buddhism and a Fulfilling Life 1

A Path Towards Wholeness

Our deepest fears and insecurities can be the birthplace of living true to ourselves

Our heart and mind are truly wondrous and unfathomable. We are all capable of great happiness and also emotional pains. 

Both Psychology and Buddhism teach how to live true to ourselves.

This seminar series aims to unpack the key factors that block us from being ourselves, and offer practical tools to start living true to ourselves.

The seminar is based on my research I did as part of Master of Psychotherapy. I studied the experiences of five clinicians who practice both psychotherapy and Buddhism.  They were selected from New Zealand, England, America and Japan.

My study revealed the common ground between Psychotherapy and Buddhism, and how both practices can transform people’s lives if they are applied together.

The topics include:

  • How to deal with our vulnerability
  • How to live our life in a way that is most natural and true to ourselves
  • What it means to be “enlightened” in our daily life
  • How a socio-cultural system influences individuals’ inner struggles, and the inter-relationship between oneself, others and the world

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