Psychology, Buddhism and a Fulfilling Life 3

Speaking one’s truth: Finding the courage to be oneself

The previous two seminars covered the practice of self-compassion: The art of being ourselves. This seminar invites participants to further develop the practice of self-compassion. It is particularly beneficial for those who want to cultivate confidence and learn to express what they feel.

When we encounter judgement or conflict in our lives, we tend to suppress our true feelings. The emotional cost of suppressing ourselves is disempowering and can lead to emotional/interpersonal difficulties. Speaking our truth is liberating and allows us to be ourselves in relationship with others.

Topics in this presentation cover:

  • Practical ways of expressing our true feelings
  • Understanding the barriers that inhibit us from expressing ourselves
  • How to harness the power of anger
  • How the ability to speak our truth helps build heartfelt connections with others
  • Self-reflection and mindfulness followed by small group discussion

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