Six-month Intensive Programme: Emotional Freedom

We have experienced all sorts of problems in life. Sometimes our best effort to resolve issues seems not working no matter how hard we try.

Through both my personal and clinical experiences, I have realised that there is a fundamental cause that underpins emotional and interpersonal difficulties.

It is emotional pain from not being true to ourselves because of our deep belief that we are unworthy as we are.

Our inner struggles such as stress, anxiety, a sense of being overwhelmed, emotional swing, anger, and loneliness, stem from this emotional pain.

We are accustomed to push away or deny our vulnerability, for we think that our vulnerability is the cause of suffering.

We got it all wrong.

It is the urge to run from our vulnerability that causes us to suffer.

Our vulnerability is an opening into the best and purest parts of us.


Beautiful inner qualities such as authenticity, inner strength, wisdom, courage, love, humour, playfulness and joy emerge through vulnerability.

Digging through the layers of vulnerability, we will be able to discover a place inside us which is authentic, compassionate and undefeated.


You may find the deep inner work frightening. It is totally understandable.

This is actually an exciting journey by honouring your emotional truths with compassion – accepting of all of who you are.

It is about finding your way back to who you really are.


By “self-acceptance” here I do not mean temporary relief that you may feel after brief healing sessions or workshops.

What I mean is unconditional self-acceptance – wholeheartedly accepting your innermost happening, whatever it is.

When we cultivate such unconditional presence with ourselves, everything will begin to shift for the better.


The programme aims to address what is true and important for you right now and cultivate self-acceptance.

This is not a difficult process at all. All you need is your willingness and openness to your feeling life.

You may feel afraid of digging deeper into your inner world. But you are not alone. You will be doing it with me – I am committed to being an active partner for your heartfelt journey towards emotional freedom.


This programme would be particularly useful for the following emotional challenges:

  • Issues that you haven’t been able to resolve for a long time
  • Recurring emotions that keep bothering you including anger, anxiety, fear, sadness, loneliness etc
  • Having the same relational problems repeatedly
  • Feeling overwhelmed or pressured by other people’s expectations
  • Struggling to be yourself or speak out what is true for you


Benefits of the programme may include:

  • Nurturing self-acceptance to embrace all of who you are
  • Cultivating trust in yourself and the courage to be yourself
  • Finding a way to express yourself
  • Developing a sense of being grounded in times of anxiety
  • Your action and intent will become congruent
  • Learning how to work through emotional pains or interpersonal problems
  • Being more able to help others in need through your own growth and happiness


This programme runs in a small group of up to 10 so that I can best facilitate each person’s process of growth and healing. In addition to monthly workshops (one day or two-day over the weekends), one-on-one session is also provided on weekly basis.

In my work, I value the depth of individual learning. Most of the existing psychological workshops are offered in a big group of 20 or even more.

They usually do not offer individual support. I think what is more important than attending workshops is how to apply what you have learned to your daily life.

In other words, it is more crucial how you are supported when you are not attending workshops and sessions. I care for your daily process. This is the reason why I provide thorough individual support.

One of the benefits of group work is to deepen and accelerate your process of learning by seeing other people’s process. It is also healing for you to practice “speaking your truths” in a safe place. Please feel assured that it is entirely up to you how much you share in the group.

This programme is designed for people who want to cultivate their own healing capacity and their innate power to create a life they wish to lead. Inner work involves dealing with the vulnerable parts of you that have been rejected and suppressed.


For this reason, this programme is best suitable for people who are open and willing to their inner life.


Here are the programme contents:

  1. Building a nurturing relationship with yourself
  • Creating an inner safe space – the establishment of emotional holding
  • How to deepen your capacity for presence
  • Using your body as a gateway to your inner world
  • Cultivating open and non-judgemental stance to what is
  • The practice of “slowing down,” “pause” and “relaxation”
  • The practice of “nurturing” – treasuring yourself
  • Learning steps towards embracing your wholeness
  • The secret power of vulnerability – the opening into the most authentic and beautiful parts of us
  1. Developing self-awareness about different parts of you
  • Self-awareness of conflicting parts and inner judgement
  • Recognising the parts of you that have been unrecognised
  • Learning the basic brain functioning and how to rewire our brain
  • Responding to your life events vs. reacting from fear
  • Moving beyond the patterns of your impulsive thinking and behaviour
  • Exploring self-image and core beliefs
  • Learning theories about how a sense of self is formed and developed
  • Learning different senses of self based on different cultures
  • Removing inner blocks and embracing your vulnerability with compassion
  • Recognising your values and dreams
  1. Life story work
  • Getting in touch with and honouring your inner truths
  • Drawing/writing your life story
  • Sharing your life story with others
  • The practice of bringing an empathic presence with the core experiences of your life
  • Exploring your future
  1. How to work with difficulty in life
  • Breaking free from your reactive patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • Breaking free from your reactive patterns
  • How to hold yourself with compassion and create a new caring voice
  • Cultivating inner resources that help you in times of difficulty: anchoring & calming techniques
  • How to deal with inner conflicts
  • How to lean into your fears
  1. Cultivating the courage to be yourself
  • How to be true to our potential that is invisible, the courage to trust yourself
  • The practice of speaking your truths
  • The positive power of harnessing anger
  • Learning the characteristics of anger and when it is difficult to express it
  • Awareness of social climate that prevents us from being true to ourselves
  • Common pitfalls of positivity – we cannot bypass our vulnerability to find compassion
  1. Expanding compassion for yourself and others
  • Learning a heartfelt communication style
  • Developing the ability for empathic listening
  • Learning basic methods to support others in need in a way that help them find their own answers
  • Opening into your future that you want to see


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Payment & Cancellation policy

No refund will be issued when the application is cancelled due to your personal convenience after payment.

The moment you make a commitment to doing this programme, your consciousness will begin shifting. This programme best works for those who have made up their mind committing to their own process.

Your application is processed successfully once payment is confirmed. If payment is not made within a week after the submission of online application, your application will be regarded as being cancelled. Please let me know if it is difficult for you to make payment within the time limit.

Payment is available by Direct Debit. The bank account will be informed upon your online application. If it is difficult for you to make payment within the time limit or to make a lump-sum payment, please let me know. We can discuss what we can do about it.