The meaning of success

Our value becomes the direction in our life.

It is natural for us to feel motivated towards more successes and achievements.

At the same time we know that success does not always bring fundamental happiness to us.

I’ve read a book “Twin Soul” by Fumihiko Iida.

Iida was a professor of Fukushima National University specialising in Business. He is now officially a spiritual counsellor after he had a near-death-experience.

Why “officially”?

In fact he has been helping many individuals as a healer since he was an university student. But he kept it secret because he didn’t want to lose his job as a professor lol

Iida shares his conversation with the light. According to him the light is a kind of master in the spiritual realm. But the light says it is Iida himself.

The below is translated by me.



Light: There are only three things that bring value to your life – effort to learn, effort to love, effort to fulfil your mission… Only these three matter. There is no other purpose of life…

Iida: Are you saying that even though we have achieved success as a result of our effort to learn, love and fulfil our mission, our achievement wouldn’t be acknowledged in the spiritual realm (after life)?

Light: In the spiritual realm, what counts is whether you try to learn, try to love, and try to fulfil your mission. That’s all.

Iida: So you mean how we will be evaluated after we die would be the same even if we did not achieve any success in this physical world? (Iida seems unsatisfied)

Light: It is not the same. If you have tried to learn, love, and fulfil your mission, whether or not you have achieved social success, your life is a desirable one.

Even if you have achieved social success but you didn’t made effort to learn, love and fulfil your mission, that would be an undesirable life.

Iida: ….. (silent)

Light: Therefore, success in the physical realm (human society) won’t be the subject of an evaluation in the spiritual realm.

What matters in the spiritual realm is how much you’ve learned, how much you’ve loved, how much you’ve fulfilled your mission. That’s all.

Iida: I think that if human beings know such an evaluation system, they would lose motivation to work hard for achieving social success.

Light: You don’t need to aim for social success. The purpose of work is also for you to learn, love and fulfil your mission.




Through reflection, Iida came to the realisation that if you think you’ve really tried to learn, love and fulfil your mission in this life time, that’s the “true success.”

I felt relieved after reading the above part. Surface success doesn’t matter. A true success is determined by self-assessment.

I was wondering why the Light emphasised our effort to “learn” “love” and “fulfil mission.”

At this stage, I think these three things will bring most joy to ourselves and others.

Our capacity to learn, love and fulfil our mission may be what we can carry to our next life time.

What do you think?




P.S. Iida has written many books but only one of his books is translated into English so far – “Creating the value of life