Enjoy both the process and the end result

I have many opportunities to talk to young women through my work.

I like working with them because they are pure-hearted and sincere.

Many of them are trying their hardest to achieve each goal they have set.

Despite their pure intent, they seem preoccupied with end results, and this preoccupation causes unnecessary

anxiety and unhappiness.

As a result they are unable to enjoy the process.

The journey towards goals becomes a painful austerity.

What is the point of life if much of our life time is painful no matter how many goals we have realised?

Even if we achieve one goal, next one comes soon.

We would never feel at ease and satisfied in this endless painful austerity.

How can we make the whole journey enjoyable?

It comes down to our ability to be fully committed in the unfolding process.

Because joy can be felt only in the present moment.

Enjoying the process means creating joy out of what we do.

What holds us back from being fully committed enjoying the process?


We cannot live fully if we live in fears.

Let’s think about what we are afraid of when our goals are not achieved.

feeling unsatisfied

feeling incapable

afraid of being judged

worrying about letting others down…

What underlies these fears is “conditions” that we won’t be happy if we don’t (do) …

In order to cultivate the ability to feel more joy and happiness, we need to let go of these conditions.

In a practical sense, we trust that we are enough no matter how much we have done or not done.

Our worth does not change regardless of achievements.

We are doing the best we can, and that’s enough.

Living each day with appreciation and a sense of worthiness allows us to enjoy the process.

And our attitude to find something fun in everything we do (even if it’s a boring or painful thing) is also important.

If you think there is none, create one.

Something that you can laugh about.

If we are robust, we can tap into our ability to enjoy challenges and spiritual growth when things are not going our way.

When we are fully committed in the unfolding process, we will be able to experience an undeniable sense of joy.

Joy of life

Joy of being oneself

Joy of living based on trust

I believe this is the ultimate end result, more important than anything else.

When we live our life out of joy, rather than fear, best results will definitely unfold by itself.

Cultivating our ability to enjoy the process is equivalent to expanding our ability to feel joy and happiness.

We can enjoy both the process and the end results.