My challenge to prepare for the seminar

One more week to go till the second seminar.

Learning how to engage with people in a seminar setting has been a huge new learning for me.

This is a completely unexpected challenge!

The purpose of this seminar series was initially for me to share what I’ve learned through my research on psychotherapy and Buddhism.

I’ve already got a written thesis, so I assumed that it would be easy to share main points.


I’ve got it all wrong.


I didn’t know that a way of delivering a message through talking is completely different from through writing!

To be honest, I’ve been struggling with articulate what I want to say within a limited time of the seminar and in a way that is relatable and engaging.

I had to rethink and rewrite the whole thing.

I’ve presented the seminar draft to four friends so far, and I’ve got a feeling that there is something missing.

Their feedback is so valuable. I feel like it’s almost impossible to develop the seminar content and a way of delivery by myself!

It has been an endless attempt to improve the draft.


It reminds me of my writing process during the research.

I would become frustrated with my writing process. When I tried to write about a revelation, the result was often completely disappointing and far from what was developing inside me.

I rewrote passages again and again trying to put my thoughts into words.


One day when I shared my struggle with a close friend of mine.

She is an accomplished musician and conductor. She encouraged me to look at manuscripts of Beethoven for inspiration.



When I saw this, I was taken aback. Beethoven also struggled to articulate music that was resonating within him.

He was single-mindedly seeking the notes that express the music he was hearing inside him. 

This experience inspired me to stay focused and keep going.


Towards the seminar I will keep going and polishing the content and delivery again and again like Beethoven!


“How to deliver a message through talking” is a whole new learning for me. 

This is a meaningful challenge for me to express myself because I was so afraid to be seen. I feel like I am cultivating a new aspect of me now.

I would like to thank all my friends who are helping me realise my full potential.

This is a beautiful struggle of becoming myself.



I am currently writing about my process towards realising my dream “Spreading a joy of being oneself with 1000 people.”

I wrote what motivated me to realise this dream here:

My dream “May we all be true to ourselves!”