Healing with laughter

I am going to Comedy and Clown Retreat this weekend!

I wasn’t sure whether this is for me or not.

I am still Japanese who is shy. (yes it’s true!!)

I don’t feel comfortable revealing myself in front of people, let alone showing my acting in a group????

No way. Too embarrassing.


What made me decide to go then?

There are two reasons.

One is that the purpose of this workshop is to find what makes us funny and explore and our most authentic self, which is hidden and suppressed, and most wants to express.

Discovering our inner clown.

Clowning is one way of letting it come out and shine.

I thought this is what I do in my work of psychotherapy!

In this workshop, people do the same thing through laughter.


A friend of mine who went to the workshop before told me that a process of finding our inner clown is organic and spontaneous. 

You don’t know what will come out.

Wow, it’s just like a process of psychotherapy!

I know the power of being spontaneous. 

When we let go of the need to control a process, a most unexpected and best possibility can come into being.


Another reason is that the same friend is going this year again and encouraged me to go with her.

The first time she went was when she was recovering from cancer. 

The facilitator of this workshop was a good friend of her, and she encouraged her to come by saying “Laughing may be good for you.”

This put her off. “I nearly died! How can I laugh?! I am not going,” she said.


Anyway she went nevertheless. 

What she experienced was totally opposite.

“I laughed and laughed. It became my turning point. I felt alive and invigorated for the first time since I had cancer.”


Her experience relieved my anxiety. 

I was afraid that what if my vulnerable self may be triggered and I feel like crying during the workshop.

I have something in particular that I have been struggling with for the last few years, and it still makes me vulnerable.

When I think of it, my heart becomes heavy. I have a tendency to dwell on my emotions, especially grief.

While it is necessary to accept and feel my honest feeling as it is, staying with it too long may not be useful at times.

I thought cultivating my playfulness may help me keep moving forward.


I am now inspired by my friend’s experience.

I am getting more excited to see what clown will come out from within!

I will report to you about my experience later.

If you are interested in the comedy and clown retreat, information is here.

Thanks for reading!



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