Healing yourself from inside out

I wonder if you have experienced any issue that has been unresolved for a long time despite your effort?

It can be anything like physical symptoms such as migraine, back pain or chronic stress. Or you may have long-standing emotional difficulties such as anxiety, fears, etc.

It could be interpersonal issues; you keep experiencing the same problem like having an oppressive and critical person around you, or struggling with a romantic relationship etc.

Psychology offers one way of understanding why we experience the same issues at times.

It says that a recurring problem often implies that we are not addressing a fundamental issue, but just dealing with it on the surface. Problem keeps coming up unless we deal with a root cause of it.

Problem is like the tip of iceberg, what we can see on the surface.



A root cause is hidden under the water. We need to dig deeper and explore what is in here. Unspeakable emotions often get expressed in our body.

I offer an approach combining psychotherapy, mindfulness and hypnotherapy. This is effective to cultivate an open and non-judgement presence with our inner experience.

With this openness, we can go within and communicate with our subconscious.  

The subconscious has the tremendous healing power to bring harmony into all levels of our life on the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual.


Our body, mind and soul are interconnected.

When we treat symptoms and problems on the spiritual level, on the deepest level; then healing of the mind and body will follow.

You heal yourself from inside out.

The benefit of this approach is that we can make a lasting change, not a temporary solution.