Seminar on Self-compassion – Being true to all of ourselves

“Being enlightened means being all of who we are.”

This is one of the biggest revelation that I’ve had from my research on Psychotherapy and Buddhism.

Self-compassion is our sensitivity and responsiveness to everything that spontaneously arises from within.

I held the seminar on self-compassion last Sunday.

37 people attended.

It is always my great joy to talk with people who are seeking. I have complete faith in that people who seek to become happy will be able to achieve genuine happiness.

Thank you for making time to attend the seminar.

The practice of self compassion aims for our wholehearted commitment to the achievement of our own highest, happiest and truest selves.

We are usually very good at giving to others, but very unpracticed at giving to ourselves.

We can live our own life and fulfil our potential in a way that is most natural and true for us only when we give ourselves 100%.

I shared the story of giving ourselves 100%, which I wrote on my blog as well “How much do you put yourself first?”

The story seems to have inspired the audience to reflect on their own stance on how much they care for themselves.

Many people commented that this idea of giving ourselves 10 out of 10 was new to them.

Here are some impressions from the audience:

“I learnt many practical skills to apply to my daily life, your session taught me to value and appreciate my strength but most importantly to embrace me as a WHOLE person even my weakness. Asking for help is ok, not trying to portray as a strong person when I don’t feel like it.” (Female 50’s)

“I reflected on myself and realised that I forgot about myself and always put others first. I always tried to make things easier for others but realised that it was so stressful because I didn’t do it for ‘myself’.” (Female 20’s)

“Your seminar give me an eye-opening concept of self compassion and learned to give 10 to myself so I can give others 10 too.” (Female 30’s)

“It’s useful to recognise the difference between observing mind and thinking mind so that I can respond to things better. I’ve realised that I don’t usually observe things, rather I am quite reactive.” (Male 60’s)

I thoroughly enjoy sharing the wisdom and practice for living true to ourselves! 

I am grateful that I have opportunities to express myself because there are individuals who read my blog, come to my seminar, help me with my work, and work with me in therapy.

Because of you I am able to live true to myself and enjoy fulfilling my potential through doing what I really love.

Thank you.