Cultivating the ability to create a life you wish

2018 is just around the corner!

In November I usually start thinking about the purpose of my life and concrete plans to achieve my goals in terms of the following year.

The purpose of my life is simple – “Being true to myself and fully enjoy my life.”

In order to achieve this, my motto “being all of myself” has to tanslate into every aspect of my life including work, relationships, money, everything about daily life. 

I have decided that I will not suppress myself.

I choose to follow the impulse of my soul. 

I realised that “living true to yourself” is the powerful way that can make fundamental changes and create a life you wish.

If you are 100% committed to living true to yourself, you will become the free will creator of your own experience.

I want to tell you what led me to this thinking. 

Through the process of delving into what it means to be me in New Zealand, I became aware of my vulnerability – shame of being different, inferiority complex, a sense of being left out, deep sadness for not being able to be myself, etc…

I learned to give myself a permission to feel the vulnerable parts of me that I had previously pushed away, denied, and ignored.

A deeper emotional truth gradually began to emerge.

It was a huge revelation to me that I was so afraid to be myself because I believed that I was not enough as I was.

There was an incident that made me face my unbearable sense of shame and unworthiness. I cried a lot. The painful feelings overwhelmed me.

I just sat with my feelings.

I didn’t push away any of my feelings. I allowed myself to feel them as fully as I could.

I validated and empathised with all my feelings: “Seiko, I understand you are hurting right now… That’s OK.” “You are angry at her, you feel undermined by her…” “There is nothing wrong with you.” “It’s not your fault.” ” I love you.”

Through bringing accepting and compassionate presence with the most vulenrable parts of me, an undeniable desire that “I want to be myself” “I live true to myself!” powerfully arose from within.

Through practicing “living true to myself,” my experience has reaffirmed that there is no greater joy than being myself.

Deeply accept all of ourselves

Live our life honestly

I have observed that both my life and my environment have changed for the better fundamentally and dramatically through always basing myself on what is true for me and what matters to me. I stopped compromising myself.

“Being all of ourselves” cultivates the ability to create a life we wish.

Do you know what you are seeking in the depth of yourself?

Do you know your deepest fears and insecurities?

Do you know your deepest desires?

In order to create a life we wish, we need to know ourselves very well.


The most important thing to become a creator of your experience is to have an uncompromising commitment to becoming happy.

Can you make a vow to yourself that you will achieve happiness no matter what happens?

I believe it is worthwhile to make a dedicated time to talk to your soul before 2018 arrives here.