The art of psychotherapy

The death of Greg Boyed has shocked many people including myself.

Suicide can be a revealing of collective disconnection on many levels.

The book “Lost connections” by Johann Hari explains that the root cause of depression is disconnection:

  • disconnection with others
  • disconnection with meaningful work
  • disconnection with meaningful values
  • disconnection with childhood trauma, etc.

Psychotherapy teaches me a whole new way of being with myself and others – most challenging yet most honest and loving way of being in relationship.

The article I’ve read on the Herald articulates the work of Psychotherapy very well as follows:

When you are in the black hole of depression, there are many people who will try and throw you a rope. But that is not enough. What you need is someone who is able to get down in the hole with you.

And then very slowly, very gently, you both build a ladder and you climb out. You’ll wish like hell you could do this faster, someone else could do it for you, that you didn’t keep falling back a few rungs and then have to start again. But this is the work. 


It is my resolve that I create and spread this kind of connection with other people both in my personal life and work.

I believe this is what we all need in our daily life.


The article is here: