Embracing uncertainty with faith

It is hard to remain patient when we are in the midst of uncertainty. 

It is understandable that we feel stressed and anxious at times.

 I happened to find a note while tidying my room today. An inspiring message was written there.

Sometimes it seems that a message I need to hear comes to me in the right timing. 

It goes like this…

You cannot bring what you want to you if you are feeling stress…

You must let the stress go – it is the only way you can bring what you want.

The emotion of stress is saying strongly that you do NOT have what you want.

Stress or tension is the absence of faith, and so to remove it all you have to do is increase your faith!


Holding uncertainty with faith – for me, this is one of the life lessons I am grappling with. I am still learning for sure.


I must accept that a life cannot be rushed, cannot be worked on a schedule as I want it to be.

Everything comes when it must come.


Inner peace is only possible with patience.

Patience is an expression of faith.